Some people do not want to acknowledge that the Bible really is true and call it a Book of fairy tales.  God knew there would be people like this, so that is why he has preserved the ancient items of the past stories of His guidance of His people throughout history.  And it is these people who lack the faith to believe that such things could truly happen on this planet.  There are people who say they do not believe there is a God who made all things and keeps our hearts beating every moment.  God has always been and always will be whether anyone believes it or not.  So the things we are talking about here are the result of God’s protecting hand and that there is no excuse for people to doubt there is a God who is in total control of all that conspires on the earth.  

The fact that Noah’s Ark is actually on “Dooms Day Mountain” is proof that God sent the flood just as the Bible says he did.

The visible sight of the “Cities of The Plain” with the balls of sulfur all over Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities is solid conclusion that they were there and destroyed exactly as God says He did in the Bible.

All the artifacts that have been found in the Red Sea right in the area of the “bridge” God made for the Israelites to cross over on is obvious to any ones eyes that Pharaoh did follow the Israelites across the sea and the “angels took off their chariot wheels” just as the Bible tells us they did.  There are also two pillars on each side of the Red Sea where the Israelites crossed that King Solomon erected in memory of this event.

When God told Moses to build a tabernacle and make an Ark to put inside, along with other furniture, He had special plans for His special people and of course for all who would eventually accept Him as their Saviour.  This Tabernacle service was the Prophecy of the “Plan of Salvation” in “types and Symbols” presented to us as slow-minded people so we could understand better what God wanted to do for the sinner.  Now the discovery of this Ark is fact that this tent was really made.

The “Real Mount Sinai” is where the Israelites went after they crossed the Red Sea and anyone can see it and the blackened peak just as God left it after speaking to Israel while in the smoke on the mountain and where Moses received the Law of God on the tables of stone written with the finger of God.  This really happened and the law is still in the Ark, everlasting proof that the eternal law is right from heaven and must be obeyed, for who is mightier than the Creator of the universe.

Another interesting thing he found was the huge clay pots in the Mediterranean Sea that were used for burial pot of the Philistines of ancient times.

God has led Ron Wyatt to discover these obvious proofs that the Bible is true and is God’s Word and it will never fail.  It surely can strengthen some people’s faith in the Bible.

This is a short experience that Ron had in his adventures.

 Ron heard a voice behind him say "God bless you----- 


  Startled, mainly because he didn't TELL    

    anyone what he was "doing here", he   

          wondered who this man was.

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