We are told that the Holy Spirit is leaving the earth and that means that if we are not one of those who are seeking the Lord with all the heart, soul, body and mind, then the devil is in the lead, because there are only two ways to go.  And these people are obviously showing who is in control of their living and leading many astray to follow them down the road to destruction.  These two men along with many others are not to be listened to if you are a Christian and seeking eternal life. So let us keep our eyes and hearts on Jesus.


“As the restraining power of the Holy Spirit shall be withdrawn, because of the impenitence and ingratitude of men, terrible things will be witnessed in the earth.”

  RH, September 3, 1889  


Doug Pagitt

Michael Dowd

“Whoa! *Digging us up out of the mud bog we’re now waist deep into* O no, of course Jesus wasn’t saying the path was narrow; we know that was coded language for us enlightened neo-Gnostics. Didn’t you know silly grasshopper, Jesus was actually saying: You need to see the bigger story that we are Earth and God is that which is Ultimate Reality; and so, we then come into a right relationship with Him/Her/It as God-self when we realize the path that we’re all cells in deep communion with the larger body of which we are part.”

{“I don’t know about you, but I’m really having a hard time understanding why any seminary that would claim to be Christian would sponsor this campy Star Trek theology. But to put this into proper perspective for you; Fuller Theological Seminary is sponsoring, not Christianity, but pagan universalism.”}  

Apprising Ministries


“If men resist the warnings the Lord sends them, they become even leaders in evil practices; such men assume to exercise the prerogatives of God--they presume to do that which God Himself will not do in seeking to control the minds of men. Thus they follow in the track of Romanism. They introduce their own methods and plans, and through their misconceptions of God they weaken the faith of others in the truth and bring in false principles that work like leaven to taint and corrupt institutions and churches.   

     Anything that lowers man's conception of righteousness and equity and impartial judgment, any device or precept that brings God's human agents under the control of human minds, impairs their faith in God, and separates the soul from Him.”  

7T 181  

“We are not to trust in self; for the Lord leaves those who are self-sufficient to their own human wisdom. All desire for self-exaltation places the human agent where the Holy Spirit can not work with him. In no case can the Holy Spirit co-operate with the methods and plans of self-sufficient men. It is not for any to seek to be great preachers, wonderful evangelists. All who believe the truth, who understand the dignity and elevated character of the message they bear, will hide in Christ, realizing that their security and efficiency come from God. They will not live selfish lives; for the truth is elevating, refining, and sanctifying in its influence.”  

RH, February 14, 1899