Meeting The Crisis

"Shortly before I sent out the testimonies regarding the efforts of the enemy to undermine the 

foundation of our faith through the dissemination of seductive theories, I had read an incident 

about a ship in a fog meeting an iceberg. For several nights I slept but little. I seemed to be 

bowed down as a cart beneath sheaves. One night a scene was clearly presented before me. A 

vessel was upon the waters, in a heavy fog. Suddenly the lookout cried, 'Iceberg just ahead!' 

There, towering high above the ship, was a gigantic iceberg. An authoritative voice cried out, 

'Meet it!' There was not a moment's hesitation. It was time for instant action. The engineer put 

on full steam, and the man at the wheel steered the ship straight into the iceberg. With a crash 

she struck the ice. There was a fearful shock, and the iceberg broke into many pieces, falling 

with a noise like thunder to the deck. . . . Well I knew the meaning of this representation. I had 

my orders. I had heard the words, like a voice from our Captain, 'Meet it!' For the next few days 

I worked early and late, preparing for our people the instruction given me regarding the errors 

that were coming in among us." -- 1SM pg. 205, 206.