Just before midnight, at 11:00 p.m. on the last day of February, suddenly and without warning, a man was swallowed alive in to the bowels of the earth, when, the ground beneath the bedroom, he was sleeping in opened in to a large sinkhole. Estimated to be at least 20 feet wide and 60 feet deep emergency personal could not reach the victim due to the instability of the area. And, after several days had no choice but to raze the remainder of the structure and to fill in the hole. The victim, 36 year old Jeffrey Bush is presumed dead and entombed with in the filled in site.

It's hard to imagine a more tragic and terrifying story. But, the Bible tells of two men and their families, who likewise, suffered such a fate. In Numbers 16: 31-34, when, Korah and the families of all, who associated with him were swallowed alive in to the earth as a judgment for questioning the authority of Moses, and by extension rebelling against God, for it was God, who had placed Moses in authority over them.

And, while I am not suggesting that Mr. Bush or his family are responsible in any way for this terrible tragedy, (my heart and prayers go out to them), I am suggesting that this incident may in fact, be a warning that judgment (in regard to rebellion against the authority and word of God), is on the near horizon.

Remember what it says in Jude regarding those who, slip in among the church and use their authority to pervert the grace of God in to a license for immorality; specifically, homosexuality.  In verse 11, it says, they have "taken the way of Cain, they have rushed for profit in to Balaam's error; they have been destroyed in Korah's rebellion".   

It is greatly evident that the Church, (especially in this nation) has fallen far from the word of God. Churches, which were once stalwarts of the faith, now openly endorse and advocate same-sex marriages, even ordaining some as shepherds over the flock.

It makes me think of the two individuals in this story. Mr. Jeffrey Bush and Mr. Jeremy Bush, the surviving brother. It's interesting, when I think of the rebellion of Korah, for he was rebelling against the authority of Moses; Moses, who was given his commission by God through the burning bush. The name Jeffrey, which means "God's peace or "divine peace" and Jeremy, which means "the Lord loosens" or "the Lord will lift up".   Which could loosely be interpreted to mean:

There cannot be any peace, where there is a spirit of rebellion; the judgment on which, the Lord will soon loosen or lift up.

This incident, happened within 60 minutes of February 28 turning in to March 1.  A month that many of us are watching for a number of reasons in terms of prophetic fulfillment.

Friends, we are dangerously close to judgment. We know God is long suffering and patient with sinners, but, he will not long tolerate open rebellion in his own house, and, that is what is happening today. After Mr. Bush fell in to the pit, there was nothing to do, but to demolish the whole house, for the whole thing was unstable, good for nothing. But, the other Mr. Bush, who had also fallen in to the pit (in an effort to help his brother) was saved by a first responder, who risked his own life to pull him out.

My daughter, (Seven Stars) pointed out that Baphomet, (a widely recognized symbol of Satan) has both male and female body parts.  Interesting, when you consider that homosexuals by virtue of their behavior are androgynous, a blend of male and female; a behavior that is in direct opposition to God's plan and design and, is in open rebellion against his word. This cannot go on. God will not tolerate it. It is one thing for unbelievers to practice such things, but, another, when it comes to God's people. Remember, the Bible says, "judgment begins at the house of God."

Friends, we are one minute to midnight in terms of judgment. We need to get serious about our relationship the Lord Jesus Christ, if we are not already. The blood of 50 million aborted babies cries out to God every day, add that to a church, who despises and mocks God's own word, while at the same time claiming to love him and you can see why we are in big trouble.

Jesus, said, "If you love me, keep my commandments".  In other words, we are to submit to his authority. We cannot claim to love him and do otherwise.

 One brother fell in to the pit and was lost, but, one was rescued and lifted up. 

 Which one are you?

Something to think.

They shall prosper, who love thee

"Psalm 122:6 

 Watching and waiting with YOU for the soon return of Jesus!